Early Warning System

In the wake of recent frauds identified in the banking sector and the ballooning numbers of NPAs, RBI has prompted to develop Early Warning Signals (EWS) systems. The overall objective of the EWS framework is to detect such risk events at early stage and take timely corrective action.

We believe Lending function cannot be entirely automated because Indian business context is very dynamic and rapidly changing. Therefore, complete automation of credit underwriting or risk monitoring function is counterintuitive.

At AJVA we follow a Phygital model, where we provide end to end credit solutions till disbursement risk monitoring.


Digital Data Aggregation

Our experienced team collates digital data using APIs from various sources such as, Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA), Provident Fund (EPFO), GST, Financial Statements, Court cases, negative media, rating movements.


Physical Data Aggregation

Bureau data provided by FI, Bank statement analysis data report can be prepared using digital utilities, Collateral valuation/review, review of FS and related party transactions, covenants testing etc.


Review Of Data By Experts And Periodic Reports

Solutions are to aid the Risk Monitoring or control functions, by providing thorough inputs/intelligence on the credit exposures.

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