Trust Incorporation


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Services covered :
  • Drafting of Trust deed
  • Drafting MOA/AOA
  • PAN and TAN application
  • GST registration if Required
  • Registration under 12AB
  • Registration under 80G

Documents Required :
  • Trust Deed
  • Members Details: Name, PAN No, Address, photograph
  • Copy of NOC from landlord to carry trust work
  • FCRA registration copy if any
  • Copy of Address Proof

FAQ ()

Question : What is a trust?
Answer : As per the Indian Trust Act 1882, a Trust is an arrangement where the owner (trustor) transfers the property to someone else (trustee) for the benefit of a third person (beneficiary). Such a property is transferred by the trustor to the trustee along with a proclamation that the trustee should hold the property for the beneficiaries of the Trust.
Question : How many members are required to set up a trust?
Answer : Minimum 2 members are required for incorporating a trust.
Question : What are the benefits of the trust?
Answer : Trust ones registered gets a legal entity and is governed by provisions of Trust Act,1882. The entire supervision and control of the registered trust is with the Deputy or Assistant. Charity Commissioner of that region being the custodian of trust. The income and expenditure of the trust is properly regulated with annual audit from competent authority.
Question : What should be the objects of the trust?
Answer : 1. Relief to the poor
2. Education
3. Medical relief
4. Preservation of environment
5. Preservation of monuments or places or objects of artistic historic interest and the advancement of any other object of general public utility
Question : In how many days will I obtain trust certificate?
Answer : Trust registration will be obtain within 15 days.
Question : Is it mandatory to obtain Registration under 12AB of the income tax Act,1961?
Answer : Yes, a trust once formed must be registered under 12AB, so that it will be exempted to pay income tax for entire lifetime on its surplus income.