Regulatory Health Check up


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

In Regulatory health checkup we review whether compliance and documentation as required under various laws is done or not. Through regulatory health checkups our team of experts will give an early warning signal for your future business problems and also provide a quick and timely solution.

Price 999

Services Covered
  • Review compliance and documentation as required under:
  • 1. Income Tax Act
  • 2. GST Act
  • 3. Companies Act
  • 4. Various Labour Laws

Documents required
  • Profit and Loss statement and Balance sheet
  • Compliance related details

FAQ ()

Question : What is regulatory health checkup?
Answer : It is an internal legal compliance audit (a “health check”) on your business to ensure that you have all the necessary documents and contracts in place so that when you are examined by a third party it is easier to conclude the decision.
Question : There are so many regulations I have to comply with. How can I keep up with them all?
Answer : Healthcare is a highly regulated industry and difficult to navigate legally and that is why there are many regulations. To keep up ,it’s best to contract with (or hire) someone who specializes in healthcare compliance to help you understand with which regulations your entity needs to comply, alongside developing an internal compliance infrastructure and training.
Question : If I am audited, can I claim ignorance of any wrongdoings?
Answer : No. Lack of knowledge will not hold up in an investigation or audit. As an entity or individual, it’s your responsibility to keep up and comply with rules and regulations.
Question : What does this services include?
Answer : It includes :
1. Scrutinizing and advising on Internal control of the Entity.
2. Suggestions on potential changes to strengthen the internal control.
3. Interpreting Debtors & Creditors ratio.
4. Collection period or payment period.
5. Understanding Working capital & cash flow.