Registration Under Start-up India


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This services is for obtaining registration as a Start-up and getting recognition with DPIIT
With this registration you will get various benefits such as tax exemption, subsidies, etc

Price 3999

Services covered :
  • Advisory on registration requirement
  • Document Evaluation
  • Preparing Documents to be submitted along with the form
  • Registration with Start-up India
  • Getting DPIIT Recognition

Documents Required :
  • a. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration and PAN
  • b. Total No. of directors/partners and details of each director/partner with respect to Name, Mobile No., Email ID and complete address.
  • c. Entity details with respect to Industry, sector and category in which it deals.
  • d. Details of Authorised Representative ( Name, Designation, Mobile No. and Email ID)
  • e. Number of Employees including founders.
  • f. Whether any awards/recognition received by the entity? if yes, need to upload document with respect to award/recognition received.
  • g. What is the problem the start-up is solving? It needs to be explained in maximum 250 words.
  • h. How does your start-up propose to solve above mentioned problem? It needs to be explained in maximum 250 words.
  • I. What is the uniqueness of your solution? It needs to be explained in maximum 250 words.
  • j. How does your start-up generate revenue? It needs to be explained in maximum 250 words.
  • k. Links or upload additional document to support your application. (e.g. Website link, Videos, Pitch Deck, Patents, etc.). It is mandatory to provide any one.

FAQ ()

Question : What is criteria for Start-up India Registration?
Answer : The annual turnover of these business entities should not exceed 100 crores, and they should have been in existence for up to ten years from the date of its incorporation/ registration. Such an entity should be working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or services or processes.
Question : How do I know my registration is complete?
Answer : Once the application is complete, and the start-up gets recognised, you will receive a system-generated certificate of recognition. You will be able to download this certificate from the Start-up India portal.
Question : Can an existing entity register itself as a “Start-up” on the Start-up India Portal?
Answer : Yes, as per the law an existing Entity can register itself as a start-up, provided that it meets the prescribed criteria for a start-up. They will also be able to avail various tax and IPR benefits that are available to start-ups. The criteria are the same as those mentioned in the article above.
Question : If an entity does not have a PAN. Would I be allowed to register my entity as a“Startup”?
Answer : Yes. An entity without a PAN can be registered as a Start-up. However, it is advised that a valid PAN of the entity is provided at the time of registration, as each entity is separately taxable person.
Question : Benefits of Start-up Recognition by DPIIT?
Answer : a) Various benefits with respect to Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
b. Relaxation in Public Procurement Norms for Start-ups
c. Self-Certification of Compliance with Labour &Environment Laws
d. Faster Exit
e. Income Tax Exemption under section 80IAC for 3 years
f. Income Tax Exemption under section 56(2)(viib) (Angel Tax) on Investments:
g. Fund of Funds for Start-ups:
h. Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE)
Question :  Is there any government fee to apply for recognition by DPIIT?
Answer : No, there is no government/statutory fees