Provident Fund Return Filing


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This service is for obtaining Provident Fund Registration

Services covered :
  • Advisory on registration requirement
  • Document Evaluation
  • Preparing Documents to be submitted along with the form
  • Making Application for registration

Documents Required :
  • 1.Digital Signature of Proprietor/Partner/Director
  • 2.Aadhar Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director
  • 3.PAN Card of Proprietor/Partner/Director
  • 4.Cancelled Cheque/Bank Statement of Entity
  • PAN Card of entity
  • 5.Electricity Bill of the Registered Office (not older than 2 months)
  • 6.Shop and establishment Certificate/GST 7.Certificate/ License issued by the government for factory

FAQ ()

Question : Who must register with Employees Provident Fund Department?
Answer : Any entity be it a government office, public sector or private sector entity which has 20 or more employees needs to get registered with the PF Department.
Question : How much time does the Employee Provident Fund Registration process takes?
Answer : Usually the entire process takes 7 working days. Depending on the work load with government department the process might take longer time.
Question : While calculating the limit of 20 employees will every employee and labour force be counted?
Answer : The limit of 20 includes all permanent, semi permanent and other contract employees like security, housekeeping or other contractual workers in the business.
Question : What is the contribution rate to the Provident fund & pension scheme?
Answer : Employees need to deposit 12% of the basic salary of each eligible employee in provident fund account employers needs to contribute in total 12% of his basic salary being 3.67% to provident fund and 8.33% in Pension scheme.
Question : Timeline to get EPF registration in India?
Answer : EPF registration (Provident Fund registration) has to be done within One month from the date of hiring 20 employees. Any delay may result in a penalty. The application for PF Registration is made online with the Digital Signature of one director or the Authorized Signatory of the company.
Question : Eligibility criteria for an employee?
Answer : It is mandatory for employees having a EPF salary (Basic+ D.A) of Rs. 15,000 or more to be a member of this scheme although the employee can voluntarily apply for it at any wage.
Question : Due Date for PF Filing with EPFO?
Answer : The employer before paying the employees salary must deduct the employee’s contribution from his wages. Then the employee portion and employer portion are payable to the EPFO, within 15 days of the close of every month.