One person Company Incorporation


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Price 4999

Services covered :
  • Name Reservation
  • Drafting MOA and AOA
  • Company Incorporation
  • DIN Application
  • PAN and TAN Application
  • GST Registration
  • PT Registration for company incorporated in Maharashtra

Documents Required :
  • From Promoter/ Director of Proposed OPC
  • Copy of PAN – self-attested
  • Copy of Aadhaar – self-attested
  • Passport/ Driving License/ Voter ID Card
  • Residential Proof – Copy of Bank Statement/ Bank Passbook/ Electricity Bill/ Mobile Bill/ Telephone Bill not older than 2 months
  • Valid mobile number of Director
  • Valid email address of Director
  • Place of birth of Director
  • Occupation type
  • Education Qualification
  • From Nominee of Proposed OPC
  • Copy of PAN
  • Copy of Aadhaar
  • Residential Proof – Copy of Bank Statement/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill/ Mobile Bill not older than 2 months
  • Valid mobile number of Nominee
  • Valid email address of Nominee
  • Place of birth of Nominee
  • Occupation type
  • Education Qualification
  • Registered Office Proof
  • Proof of address of the registered office of the proposed company- Utility Bill not older than 2 months. For Example – telephone bill, gas bill, electricity bill, water bill, property tax bill or rent agreement in the name of the owner.
  • NOC i.e. No Objection Certificate – An NOC is required from the owner allowing the LLP to use the premises as its registered office.
  • Declaration by director and Nominee
  • Affidavit and consent of the proposed director in Form INC-9 and Form DIR-2.
  • Consent of nominee of proposed company in Form INC-3.
  • If any subscriber to the proposed company is a company itself, then it is mandatory to attach resolution passed by the promoter company.
  • Documents regarding approval of Name
  • Copy of approval from central government in case the proposed name contains any words or expression which requires approval.
  • Approval of the owner of the trademark or the applicant of such trademark for registration of trademark.
  • In case the name is similar to any existing, it is mandatory to attach a certified true copy of No Objection Certificate by the way of a Board Resolution.
  • Optional Attachment
  • Any other information can be reported as an optional attachment.

FAQ ()

Question : Can there be more than one Director in an OPC?
Answer : The minimum number of Directors required to form an OPC is one. However, there can be more than one up to 15 Directors. Please note that the restriction is on number of members and not Directors.
Question : What if the existing single member dies?
Answer : The nominee appointed by the member shall become the member then.
Question : What if the nominee of the OPC die or the member wants to change the name of nominee at any given point of time?
Answer : The OPC and the member can at any time can change the name of the nominee of the OPC by following the procedure laid down in provisions of Rule 4 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. However, it is important to note that even the nominee can withdraw his consent at any time.
Question : On interpretation of the law, it is stated that a single person can hold the position of member and nominee of a single OPC only. What if a situation arises when the nominee becomes member of the OPC when the member dies and along with it he is also the member of his own OPC?
Answer : In the given situation, the single person becomes member of two OPCs at the same time by virtue of circumstances and not voluntarily. In such a case, he shall meet the criteria as specified in the law within a period of 180 days.