Net Worth Certificate


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This service is for obtaining a Net worth Certificate

Price 1499

Services covered :
  • Calculation of Net worth
  • Issuance of Net Worth Certificate signed by a Chartered Accountant

Documents Required :
  • Last 3 years balance sheet.

FAQ ()

Question : What is Net worth?
Answer : Net worth is value of all the assets of the company less the value of liabilities
Question : What is a net worth certificate?
Answer : A net worth certificate is a consolidated document containing the net worth of an individual or an enterprise, usually certified by a Chartered Accountant (CA), after scrutinizing the book of accounts, records and documents, and total assets and liabilities.
Question : The Benefits of a Net Worth Certificate?
Answer : 1.A net worth certificate shows the financial of an individual or an enterprise
2.The net worth is an indicator of calculated financial wealth
3.Obtaining a bank loan is easier with a positive net worth certificate
4.A graph of positive net with foe a year shows a sound financial background.
Question : Is a net worth certificate mandatory for every individual?
Answer : No it's recommendatory.