LLP Incorporation


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Price 4999

Services covered :
  • Drafting of Partnership Deed
  • PAN and TAN Application
  • Registration of LLP with MCA
  • GST Registration

Documents Required :
  • 1 Pan card of the All Partners.
  • 2 Identity Proof of the partner’s like Voter id or Passport or Aadhar Card etc.
  • 3 Address proof of the partner which include documents like voter ID driver’s license or Aadhar card etc. for proving the address of the partner.
  • 4 Proof of residence of the partners which include documents like gas bill, money bill etc. The bills should not be older than 2 months
  • 5 Photograph of the partners
  • 6 Proof of registered office of LLP Registration like any Sale Deed or any rent agreement or any NOC with the electricity bill copy.
  • 7 Digital signature certificate of a partner
  • 8 LLP agreement executed among the parties.

FAQ ()

Question : Who can Become Partner in LLP ?
Answer : Any person whether be it an individual or a body corporate can become a partner in LLP unless of unsound mind, declared or proceeding for insolvency is pending.
Question : Can NRI (Non Resident of India) Become Partner in LLP?
Answer : Yes an NRI can be partner in LLP. Since 2015, LLPs can be formed with 100% foreign investments from NRIs and Foreign entities in areas where 100% FDI is allowed.
Question : What is LLP Agreement?
Answer : LLP agreement is the agreement which is signed and executed among the partners of LLP. The LLP agreement is to be submitted to ROC for incorporating the same.
Question : What is Minimum Number of Partners or Maximum Number of Partners in LLP ?
Answer : Minimum 2 and Maximum no limit.
Question : Why should one incorporate a LLP
Answer : 1. Compliances are low
2. Easy to incorporate
3. Fee and expenses are less
4. Body corporate
5. Limited liability
Question : Who can become a Designated Partner?
Answer : While any person can become a partner in the LLP, but only an individual can be appointed as the designated person. In some cases, the designated partner is a nominee of a corporate partner of the LLP. There is no educational qualification prescribed, hence any person over eighteen years of age is acceptable as the designated partner so long he is otherwise capable of entering into contracts.
Question : Can I include my family members in my LLP Formation ?
Answer : Yes you can include your any family member in your LLP as a Partner.
Question : What is the Minimum Share Capital in the LLP ?
Answer : You can start with any amount of the capital. still as a Professional advice we suggest you start at least with the 10000 INR for the same.
Question : What is criteria to become Partner in an LLP ?
Answer : Age of partner should be minimum 18 year with the valid documents like pan card etc.
Question : LLP Registration Certificate have any Validity or renew process ?
Answer : There is no need to renew LLP registration certificate.
Question : Physical presence or meeting with any govt officer required ?
Answer : No, it’s a completely online with AJVA which take care about all things.