Guidance on Government Schemes


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Our expert will guide you about various government schemes under which you can claim benefits.

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Services covered :
  • Evaluating schemes
  • Checking Eligibility
  • Guidance on benefits
  • Making available best scheme

FAQ ()

Question : What are government schemes?
Answer : Government schemes are benefits given by government to public through various ministries and departments.
Question : Who is the beneficiary for government schemes?
Answer : Government schemes are provided to different sectors of public. For e.g. There are some schemes which are only beneficial to MSMEs, some are only beneficial to agriculture sector etc.
Question : Why is it important to understand government schemes?
Answer : There are many government schemes of which public is unaware and they can not take the benefits. So understanding benefits may help them to avail the benefits available to them.
Question : How will AJVA guide for government schemes?
Answer : There are thousands of schemes; all of them are not applicable to every type of persons. AJVA will evaluate the schemes, check the eligibility based on the criteria and calculate the total benefits that can be claimed.