GST Return for Composition Dealer


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This Service is for making quarterly GST payment through CMP-08 and filing GST annual return through GSTR-4. This services should be purchased by persons under Composition Scheme.

Price 1999

Services covered :
  • Quarterly Payment through CMP-08
  • Yearly Return through GSTR-4

Documents Required :
  • Login details
  • Details of all sales invoices
  • Details of all purchase/Expense invoices for the purpose of RCM

FAQ ()

Question : Who can opt for Composition Scheme?
Answer : Businesses with annual turnover upto Rs 1.5* crore can opt for composition scheme. Turnover of all businesses with the same PAN has to be added up to calculate turnover for the purpose of the composition scheme.
Manufacturers of goods, Dealers, and Restaurants can only opt for this.
*For special category states the turnover limit is Rs 75 lakhs.
Question : Is there any composition scheme for service providers?
Answer : Yes, service providers can also opt for composition scheme if their annual turnover upto Rs 50 lakhs.
Question : Can person opting for Composition Scheme avail input tax credit?
Answer : No.
Question : Who cannot opt for Composition Scheme?
Answer : The following people cannot opt for the scheme-
a. Manufacturer of ice cream, pan masala, or tobacco.
b. A person making inter-state supplies.
c. A casual taxable person or a non-resident taxable person.
d. Businesses which supply goods through an e-commerce operator
Question : Can a composition dealer issue tax invoices?
Answer : A composition dealer has to issue a Bill of Supply. They cannot issue a tax invoice. This is because the tax has to be paid by the dealer out of pocket. A composition dealer is not allowed to recover the GST from the customers.
Question : What are the GST rates for a composition dealer?
Answer : a. For Manufacturers and Traders (goods) rate is 1% (total).
b. For Restaurants not serving Alcohol rate is 5% (total).
c. For Service Providers rate is 6% (total).
Question : Is a person under composition scheme required to pay tax under reverse charge basis?
Answer : Yes.
Question : I have many branches. Will the composition scheme apply to each of them separately?
Answer : Composition scheme is considered to be opted for all businesses that are associated with a PAN. It cannot be opted branch wise.
Question : What are the returns to be filed by a composition dealer?
Answer : A dealer is required to pay tax in a quarterly statement CMP-08. Also, a return in form GSTR-4 has to be filed annually.