GST Registration plus Free Return Filing for 1 month


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This Service is for making application for GST Registration and includes Free Return Filing for 1 month

Price 499

Services covered :
  • Application for GST Registration
  • GST Return Filing

Documents Required :
    • Details required for GST registration –
    • 1. Copy of PAN Card of entity and all partners or all directors
    • 2. Copy of Aadhar Card and Photograph of proprietor or all partners or all directors/
    • 3. Partnership Deed/ Registration Certificate
    • 4. MOA and AOA in case of Companies
    • 5. Address Proof of place of business
    • 6. Email id and Mobile number to be used for OTP purpose
    • 7. Proof of Appointment of Authorized Signatory
    • 8. Bank Account Details
  • Details required for GST Return –
  • 1. Sales Invoices
  • 2. Purchase/ expense Invoice

FAQ ()

Question : Who and when an entity has to register?
Answer : Every entity whose taxable supply of Goods or Services or both exceeds the threshold limit has to be registered for GSTIN.
For Entities in state of Manipur, Mizoram, Tripura and Nagaland threshold limit for Supply of goods is Rs. 20 Lakhs and for services is Rs. 10 Lakhs
For Entities in state of Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Puducherry, Sikkim and Uttarakhand threshold limit for Supply of goods and services is Rs. 20 Lakhs
For Entities in other states threshold limit for Supply of goods is Rs. 40 Lakhs and for services is Rs. 20 Lakhs
Question : What is advantage of taking registration in GST?
Answer : Registration under Goods and Service Tax (GST) regime will confer following advantages to the business:
1. Legally recognized as supplier of goods or services.
2. Proper accounting of taxes paid on the input goods or services which can be utilized for payment of GST due on supply of goods or services or both by the business.
3. Legally authorized to collect tax from his purchasers and pass on the credit of the taxes paid on the goods or services supplied to purchasers or recipients.
4. Getting eligible to avail various other benefits and privileges rendered under the GST laws.
Question : Can a person without GST registration claim ITC and collect tax?
Answer : No, a person without GST registration can neither collect GST from his customers nor can claim any input tax credit of GST paid by him.
Question : Is there a provision for a person to get himself voluntarily registered though he may not be liable to pay GST?
Answer : Yes. a person, even though not liable to be registered, may get himself registered voluntarily, and all provisions of this Act, as are applicable to a registered taxable person, shall apply to such person.
Question : Which are the cases in which registration is compulsory?
Answer : As per Section 24 of the CGST/SGST Act, the following categories of persons shall be required to be registered compulsorily irrespective of the threshold limit:
(i) Persons making any inter-State taxable supply;
ii) Casual taxable persons;
iii) Persons who are required to pay tax under reverse charge;
iv) Electronic commerce operators required to pay tax under sub-section (5) of section 9;
v) Non-resident taxable persons;
vi) Persons who are required to deduct tax under section 51;
vii) Persons who supply goods and/or services on behalf of other registered taxable persons whether as an agent or otherwise;
viii) Input service distributor (whether or not separately registered under the Act)
ix) Persons who are required to collect tax under section 52
x) Every electronic commerce operator
xi) Every person supplying online information and data base retrieval services from a place outside India to a person in India, other than a registered person; and,.
xii) Such other person or class of persons as may be notified by the Central Government or a State Government on the recommendations of the Council
Question : Whether a person having multiple business verticals in a state can obtain for different registrations?
Answer : Yes , a person having multiple business verticals in a State may obtain a separate registration for each business vertical, subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.
Question : Whether Amendments to the Registration Certificate is permissible?
Answer : Yes.
Question : Whether the proper officer can reject an Application for Registration? 
Answer : Yes. If the proper officer is off the opinion that the details mentioned are not proper, the proper officer can reject an application for registration after due verification.
Question : Whether the Registration granted to any person is permanent?
Answer : Yes, the registration Certificate once granted is permanent unless surrendered, cancelled, suspended or revoked.
Question : Whether the Department through the proper officer, can on its own proceed to register of a Person? under this Act?
Answer : Yes. In terms of sub-section (8) of Section 25, where a person who is liable to be registered under this Act fails to obtain registration, the proper officer may, without prejudice to any action which may be taken under this Act, or under any other law for the time being in force, proceed to register such person in the manner as is prescribed in the Registration rules.