Form 27Q ( Payments to Non-Residents)


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This service is for filing of Quarterly TDS Return for Payments to Non Residents other than Salary Payments

Price 499

Services covered :
  • Registration on TRACES
  • PAN Verification
  • Preparation of Form 27Q (TDS Return) by an expert for one quarter
  • Review of Form 27Q by an expert
  • Challan Verification
  • Form 16A Generation

Documents Required :
  • TAN and PAN of Deductor
  • PAN of Deductee
  • Details relating to date of payment and deduction, amount of payment and nature of payment to each deductee
  • Challan Details
  • Lower Deduction Certificate, if any

FAQ ()

Question : What is form 27Q used for?
Answer : Form 27Q is filed by the deductor while making payment, other than salary, to a Non-resident (NRI). Form 27Q is to be submitted on a quarterly basis by the deductor, however payment of TDS has to be done on Monthly basis.
Question : What is the Due Date for filing of Form 27Q?
Answer : Due Date for filing of TDS Returns (i.e. form 24Q, 26Q and 27Q) for quarter April to June is 31st July, for quarter July to September is 31st October, for quarter October to December is 31st January and for quarter January to March is 31st May.
Question : What is the Due Date for payment of TDS?
Answer : Due date for Payment of TDS is 7th of the next month following the month in which deduction was made. For E.g. Due date of TDS Payment for TDS deducted in May will be 7th June However for the month of March the due date for TDS Payment is 30th April
Question : How much is the interest for late payment of TDS?
Answer : If TDS is not deducted and paid interest will be 1% per month from the due date of deduction to Actual date of deduction. If TDS is deducted but not paid interest will be 1.5% per month from the actual date of deduction to actual date of payment.
Question : What if Form 27Q is filed late? Is there any late fee or penalty?
Answer : Fees for late filing of Form 27Q is Rs. 200 per day until the return is filed. Maximum late fees shall not exceed the TDS amount. In addition to late fees payable, Assessing Officer (AO) may charge a penalty of minimum of Rs. 10,000 and up to Rs. 1,00,000 maximum.
Question : Will Expense will disallowed if TDS not deducted or Paid?
Answer : If a person liable to deduct and pay TDS fails to do so then the expense will be disallowed to the extent of 30% for payments made to resident Indian and 100% for payments made to non residents However if TDS is deducted during the year and paid before due date of filing of ITR no expense will be disallowed.
Question : Do I need to issue any certificate/Form to the payee for TDS?
Answer : Yes, the payer needs to issue Form 16A to the payee.
Question : Is revised return covered under this service?
Answer : Revised return filing on account of incorrect information provided by the assessee during the original return filing shall not form part of the plan.
Question : This Service covers return for how many periods?
Answer : This service is for filing of Form 27Q for 1 Quarter.