For Individuals


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

This Service is for Individuals not having Income from Salary and business / profession.

Price 499

Service covered:

1) Cross verification and Matching of income with information in Form 26 AS
2) Income Tax Return Filing
3) E-verification of Income Tax Return
4) Tax Planning Assistance

Documents Required:

1) PAN and Aadhar Card
2) Details of all bank accounts
3) Bank Statements for the Financial Year
4) Interest Certificate ( In case of FD or home loan )
5) Details of any other income received ( E.g Rent )
6) Documents relating to tax saving investments or donations or expenses
7) Capital Gains Statements

FAQ ()

Question : Which Individual fall under this service?
Answer : An individual who earns Income House Property or Pension Income or Capital Gain or Other Sources Income.
Question : Which Incomes are included in Capital Gains?
Answer : Sale of share , Sale of land or building , sale of Debentures or bonds , sale of jewellery etc
Question : What are the documents required for Filing Return ?
Answer : 1) In case housing rent received provide rent receipt 2) In case capital gain provide gain/loss statement 3) In case of other sources income provide saving bank account statement or Fixed deposit statement or details of gifts received during the year etc