Removing name from Registrar of Companies (STK-2)


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Price 4000

Services covered :
  • Filing the Form.
  • Preparing documents to be uploaded along with the form.
  • Uploading the form.

Documents Required :
  • A duly notarized Indemnity bond from each director in Form STK 3.
  • Account statements comprising of assets and accountability of the company is required provided it does not exceed thirty days from the application date. In addition, it has to be certified by a Chartered Accountant.
    Next, an affidavit by every single company director in Form STK-4 is needed.
  • A unique solution is presented which is authorized by each of the directors of the company or with 75% of its member approval in terms of paid-up share investment.
  • A statement is required mentioning the awaiting litigation in which the company is involved.
  • Firstly, there is no assessment or inquiry against the company. However, in case of any inspection, there lies no prosecution that is awaiting in any court.
  • Secondly, the company does not have any public credit which is outstanding. The company did not skip repayment or interest.
  • Thirdly, assurance should be provided that the company is not responsible for any outstanding loans whether tenable or untenable.
  • it must be assured no payments are pending towards VAT, excise duty, income tax, service tax or any other imposed duties, and are paid by the company to the Central or any State Government, or any authority- statutory or local
  • Any liabilities of the company should be settled.
  • As per the instructions laid in the Companies Act and rules, the removal of the company name from the register of companies and other relevant issues must be obeyed as per the Act.
  • Under any circumstances, prior to three months of the filing of Form, if the company altered the existing name or changed the office that is registered from one State to another.
  • Under any circumstances, if the company has made a request to the Tribunal for the approval of a concession or understanding and the matter has not been resolved.
  • Under any circumstances, if the company is charged as per Companies Act or as per Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016.

FAQ ()

Question : What are the forms required to be filed?
Answer : "Form STK -2, STK - 3, STK 4".
Question : What are the Governing Laws of this form?
Answer : Sub-section (2) of section 248 of the Companies Act, 2013.
Question : Who is required to file this Form?
Answer : This Form can be filed only by an Active company or by a dormant company.
Form STK-2 cannot be filed by a Section 8 company.
Question : What is the purpose of this Form?
Answer : The purpose of SKT-2 form is removing a company name from the register of companies.
Question : Is there a time limit for filing the form?
Answer : NA.
Question : What is the filing fees for this form?
Answer : Normal Fee is Rs.10,000.
Question : Can STK-2 be filed without filing Inc 20A?
Answer : The company cannot file an application for striking off with the Registrar of Companies in case E-form INC-20A (Certificate of Commencement of Business) has not been filed.