Conversion of Partnership Firm into a LLP


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Services covered :
  • Drafting Partnership Deed
  • LLP Incorporation
  • DIN Application for all Partners
  • PAN and TAN Application
  • GST Registration
  • PT Registration for company incorporated in Maharashtra

Documents Required :
  • PAN Card
  • PAN Card Of Shareholders And Directors. Foreign Nationals Must Provide A Passport.
  • Identity Proof
  • Voter ID/ Passport/ Driving License Of Shareholders And Directors
  • Address Proof
  • Telephone Bill /Electricity Bill/ Latest Bank Account Statement Of Shareholders And Directors
  • Photograph
  • Latest Passport Size Photograph Of Shareholders And Directors
  • Business Address Proof
  • Latest Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill Of The Registered Office Address
  • Financial Statements
  • Duly Certified Copy Of Latest Audited Financial Statements
  • Copy Of ITR
  • A Copy Of Latest Income Tax Return Filed By The Partnership Firm.
  • Partnership Deed
  • Copy Of Partnership Deed To Be Provided

FAQ ()

Question : What are the Minimum Requirements for the Conversion of Partnership into LLP?
Answer : A Partnership Firm needs to consist of the same number of partners that were present in the original Partnership.
Question : Is it compulsory for a Partnership Firm to have the same number of members at the time of Conversion?
Answer : Yes, it is compulsory for a Partnership Firm to have the same number of partners at the time of Conversion.
Question : How to Reserve a name for the LLP?
Answer : The partners of a firm can reserve an LLP name by filing an online form. According to law, partners can give a maximum of six names in a preferential order to reserve anyone. The Registrar may also ask to re-submit the application with a different name. The same is possible when the given name does not fall under the ambit of uniqueness, relevancy, etc.
Question : What is the Minimum Capital Requirement for LLP Registration?
Answer : No, there is no minimum amount specified to form an LLP.
Question : What will be the treatment for the capital contributed by the partners?
Answer : The amount contributed by each designated partner will be disclosed in an LLP Agreement.
Question : What is DIN?
Answer : The term DIN stands for Director Identification Number. It is a unique number allotted by the MCA to Individuals on the application made which permits an individual to be a Director in a Company or LLP.
Question : Is DPIN required for LLP Registration?
Answer : The concept of DPIN or Designated Partner Identification Number does not exist anymore regarding the incorporation of LLP.
Question : What are the Prerequisites to be a partner for LLP Incorporation?
Answer : All the partners of an LLP must be above 18 years and competent to enter into a contract. Also, all the proposed Designated Partners must have DIN.
Question : What are the restrictions imposed regarding the Citizenship of a Designated Partner?
Answer : There are no restrictions regarding the citizenship or residency of a Partner. That means Foreign Nationals, Foreign Companies and LLPs can incorporate an LLP in India. However, they must have at least one Designated Partner as the resident of India.
Question : What is a Limited Liability Partnership Agreement?
Answer : An LLP Agreement is an agreement executed by all the partners after the Incorporation of an LLP. This agreement specifies all the clauses concerning business; including the role, rights, duties, and obligation of partners.
Question : Is there a need to file LLP Agreement with the MCA?
Answer : An LLP agreement must be filed within thirty days of the issuance of a Certificate of Incorporation. However, in case of failure, an additional fee of Rs 100 per day will be charged until the date of filing.
Question : Can the same name be used for the Newly Incorporated LLP?
Answer : The basic aim behind any conversion is to maintain the brand identity in the Market. For incorporating an LLP under the original name, it is necessary to attach a valid proof. The term valid proof denotes a document that corroborates the claim of use of the brand name by the firm.
Question : Who is authorised to register an LLP and Partnership Firm in India?
Answer : The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is responsible for registering an LLP firm in India. In contrast, the Registrar of Firms (ROF) is authorised to register a Partnership Firm.
Question : Can an LLP have less partners than the actual Partnership Firm?
Answer : No, an LLP cannot have more or less partners than the actual Partnership Firm.
Question : When can an LLP change the number of its partners?
Answer :