Change in Partnership Deed (Form 3)


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Price 1500

Service Covered :
  • Filling the Form
  • Preparing Documents to be uploaded along with the form
  • Uploading the form

Document Required :

Initial LLP Agreement or Supplementary/ amended LLP agreement containing changes

Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment

FAQ ()

Question : How to Change an LLP Agreement ?
Answer : Step 1– A resolution needs to be passed to revise the LLP agreement.
Step 2 – Form 3 is to be filed with the Registrar within 30 days of passing the resolution.
Step 3 – File Form 4 for change in partner/ designated partner
Question : What are details to be filled in Form 3 ?
Answer : 1. Date of modification in the agreement 2. Reason of change– whether the change is on account of:
a. Change in business activities
b. Change in partner(s)
c. Change in partner’s contribution and percentage of profit sharing
d. Change in any other relevant details like
e. Rights and duties of partners
f. Restrictions on the authority of partners
g. Management and administration of LLP
3 Acts that can be done only with the consent of all the partners/ consent of a specific number or percentage of partners
Procedure of calling, holding and conducting meetings
4. Details of indemnity clause
In relation to partner(s), details of agreement related to
a. Admission
b. Retirement
c. Cessation
d. Expulsion
e. Resignation
f. Resolution of disputes between
1 The partners
2 The partner and the LLP
3 Duration of the LLP
4 Voluntary winding up
5 Any other clauses related to the LLP agreement
3. Details of business activities after change
4. Main division of industrial activity as per NIC-2004 (based on changed business activities)
5. Details of partner’s contribution and profit sharing ratio after change in the LLP agreement
Type of change (deletion/ change)
a. Details of each partner (DPIN/ PAN), amount of contribution and percentage of profit sharing
b Total amount of contributions after the changes in the LLP agreement
c. Documents to be attached with Form 3
d. Initial LLP agreement
e. Changed LLP agreement
f. Any other document(s)
Question : Any reasons for changing an LLP Agreement ?
Answer : 1. Changes in the Business Activities
2. The Contribution of Capital is changed by partners in LLP
3. Adding Capital
4. Reducing Capital
5. Changing the ratio of capital contribution
6. The Management Structure of Capital is changed
7. The changing of terms and conditions for addition, resignation, expulsion or the retirement of the partner involved in LLP
8. The rights and liabilities are modified in LLP
9. Addition or reduction of the clause in LLP
Question : What are the types of changes that can be done in the LLP Agreement?
Answer : 1. Change the name and activity of LLP
2. Change the contribution, right and duties of the LLP
3. Do an Amendment in LLP Agreement
4. Change in registered address, profit sharing ratio, contribution
5. Winding up/shut down/dissolved/defunctioning of LLP
Question : What are the Due Date for LLP Form 3 ?
Answer : Within 30 days of Incorporation or Change as the case may be.
Question : How much Penalty will be levied ?
Answer : In Case you are not able to fil the same within the stipulated time, then you penalty of Rs.100/day is levied and maximum no limit.