Intimation of Change in director details (DIR-6)


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

Price 500

Services covered :
  • Filling the Form.
  • Preparing Documents to be uploaded along with the form.
  • Uploading the form.

Documents Required :

The following attachments are mandatory to be filed in all cases:
1) Proof of change in particulars.
2) PAN Card (for Indian Residents) and Passport (for foreign nationals)
3) Proof of residence of director/ designated partner.
i) Address proofs like bank statements, electricity bill, telephone bill, utility bills etc. shall be attached. In case of Indian director/ designated partner, documents should not be older than 2 months from the date of filing of the e-Form.
ii) In case of foreign director/ designated partner, address proof should not be older than 1 year from the date of filing of the e-Form.
iii) In case of proofs which are in languages other than Hindi/ English, the proofs should be translated in Hindi / English from professional translator carrying his details (name, signature, address) and seal.
4) Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment(s).

FAQ ()

Question : What are the forms required to be filed?
Answer : Form DIR- 6.
Question : What are the Governing Laws of this form?
Answer : E-Form DIR-6 is required to be filed pursuant to Rule 12(1) of the Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014 and Rule 10 of the Limited Liability Partnership Rules, 2009.
Question : Who is required to file this Form?
Answer : The Director of a company or a Designated Partner of an LLP, who have been allotted DIN and DPIN, respectively, and need some changes to be made in the information, are to file e-Form DIR-6 to get their DIN/DPIN updated.
Question : What is the Purpose of this Form?
Answer : DIR-6 is filed to update the Central Government about the changes made in any information that DIN/DPIN contains. It may be Director’s Name, Address, mail-ID, Phone number, Appearance, Nationality, Educational Qualification, Gender, etc.
Question : Who will certify the form DIR-6?
Answer : Form DIR-6 must be certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant or Cost Accountant or Company Secretary. The professional must also provide their membership number and attest to the supporting documents attached to DIR-6.
Question : Which Fields can be changed by filing Form DIR-6?
Answer : The changes may be there with respect to the following: i) Name ii) Address (Permanent/ Correspondence address) iii) Date of Birth iv) E-Mail ID or phone number v) Father’s Name vi) Nationality vii) Occupation Type viii) Educational Qualification ix) Changes in PAN Card, Voter ID Card, Passport, Aadhaar Card or other proof x) Residential Status xi) Photograph of Director xii) Gender, etc
Question : Is there a time limit for filing DIR-6?
Answer : Yes. This Form must be filed within 30 days of the change in particulars occurring.
Question : What is the filing fees for this form?
Answer : There is no fees charged for filing DIR-6.