Business Restructuring and Resolving Insolvency


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This service is relating to Business Restructuring and Resolving Insolvency

Services covered :
  • Working Capital Management
  • Funding Assistance
  • Debt Restructing
  • Capital Advisory
  • Financial Advisory
  • Automating Repearting Procedure

FAQ ()

Question : What is business restructuring services?
Answer : Business restructuring means rennovation of business. The changes made help in better control in company finances and management.
Question : What does the service include?
Answer : Our professional business restructuring service experts will manage working capital, Debt Restructuring, providing financial assistance and advising on capital and company finances and resolving insolvency.
Question : What is the difference between restructure and insolvency?
Answer : Insolvency means company's inability to pay debts, some of the cause of insolvency would include improper cash management, poor sales performance, excess expenditure or increase in competition. On the other hand business restructuring is not connected to inability to pay debts, it involves rennovation of business so that its profitability can be enhanced therby lowering the risk of becoming insolvent.
Question : What are the stages in business restructuring?
Answer : It includes: 1. Assessment 2. Planning 3. Implementation of turnaround plan 4. Return to normal
Question : Can we restrutruing by keeping some business and shutting down others?
Answer : Yes, if you own a group of companies you can restructure by shutting down business that are unprofitable and keeping other business so that they can grow and make the company profitable.