Business Process Health Check-up


*The price is exclusive of any amount payable to Government/Regulatory Authorities and GST.

In Business Process health checkup we review the internal control system of an enterprise
Through health checkups our team of experts will give an early warning signal for your future business problems and also provide a quick and timely solution.

Price 2999

Services Covered
  • Review of Internal control system and business process of the Enterprise
  • Suggestions on potential changes to strengthen enterprise

Documents required
  • Copy of Agreements with parties, if any
  • Data of such process

FAQ ()

Question : What are the signs when you require Business Process Health Check-up?
Answer : The signs that signify when you need a business process health checkup are lack of accountability, improper working and un-organized system.
Question : What will the service include?
Answer : This service includes the following:
1. Evaluation of Organisation Process.
2. Evaluation of Business Process.
3. Preparation of Report and advising/ remedy for better business.
Question : What are the benefits of business process health checkup?
Answer : The benefits of this service are follows:
1. Identification of internal control system loop holes.
2. HR related issues, removal of non-core activity.
3. Advising on Industrial Best Practice.