Annual Return (Form-11)


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Services covered :
  • Filling the Form
  • Preparing Documents to be uploaded along with the form
  • Uploading the form

Document Required :

Details of LLP and/ or company in which partners/ designated partners (DP) are directors/ partners (It is mandatory to attach these details in case any partner/ DP is a partner in any LLP and/ or director in any other company)
Any other information can be provided as an optional attachment to this e-Form

FAQ ()

Question : What is the purpose of filing Form 11?
Answer :  All LLPs registered under Limited Liability Act, 2008 have to annually file forms Form 11. Annual Return: Form 11 is to be submitted within 60 days of closure of the financial year. Form -11 is filed to report the details of the partners, their contribution and details of body corporate in which they hold directorship. The form has to be digitally signed by two designated partners and shall be certified by the practicing professional, if required.
Question : What is Form 11 and How to file it?
Answer : Form 11 is an Annual return that is to be filled by all LLPs irrespective of turnover during the year whether LLP carry out any operation and Business during the financial year. Other than the basic information like name, address of LLP, Details of Partners are as follows:- 1. Total contribution by/to partners of the LLP 2. Details of notices received towards Penalties imposed / compounding offenses committed during the financial year
Question : What are the important Aspects to note while filing Annual return for LLP ?
Answer : Some of the important point that all LLP have to make note of while filling in Form 11 are as follows 1. Using the pre-scrutiny button available on the Form can help validate the data entered. This will help in processing the data error-free. 2. Wherever figures are declared in the forms, these must be entered as they stand on 31st March. 3. Details of LLP and/ or company in which partners/ designated partners( DP) is/are directors/ partner. 4. The e-form needs certification of a practicing Company Secretary compulsorily if either of the following conditions is satisfied: 1. Total contribution made by Partners is more than Rs. 50 lakhs OR 2. Turnover of LLP is more than Rs. 5 crores If figures are within/less than the above limits then the designated partner themselves can certify the e-form. For more information visit llp annual filing. Note that there is no provision for resubmission of this e-Form.
Question : What are the consequences of late filing Form 11?
Answer : Penalty For LLPs Fine: Minimum 25,000 & Maximum 5 Lakhs. Penalty for Designated Partners Fine: Minimum 10,000 & Maximum 1 Lakhs Penalty for Non Filing of E-Forms If filing is not done within the stipulated time, there is a penalty of Rs 100 per day till it is complied. Note: You cannot close or wind up your LLP without filing Annual Accounts.
Question : Can Form 11 of LLP be revised?
Answer : No. There is no such option to revise Form 11 once filed.
Question :  Who should file Form 11?
Answer : Annul Return in Form 11 needs to be filled by all LLPs registered in India irrespective of turnover during a financial year. Even when an LLP does not carry out any operations or business during the financial year, Form 11 needs to be filed.
Question : What are the pre-requisites to File LLP Form 11 ?
Answer : There are various things to keep into account before filing Form 11. These include: 1.Limited Liability Partnership Identification Number (LLPIN) to pre-fill the basic data. 2.Declaration about the contributions received by the partners of LLP. 3.DSC for the designated LLP partner has to be ready.
Question : Who needs to authorise Form 11?
Answer : If the turnover does not exceed Rs 5 crores and the total partner contribution does not exceed Rs 50 lakh then digital signatures of the designated partner will suffice. However, if the turnover exceeds Rs.5 crores and the total partner contribution exceeds Rs 50 lakh, then Form 11 needs to be certified by a Company Secretary in full-time practice.