MSME Business Promotion

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MSME Business Promotion

A guide to strengthening, promoting and developing your MSME.

In todays business environment of cut throat Competition, one of the most important aspect that determines the success of an enterprise is its ability to market its goods and services. A well planned, researched and effectively implemented business promotion plan can help you in successfully reaching your target customers and having an edge over your competitors.

Trademark / Copyrights / Patent Registration

If the Business you are about to start or currently engaged in, is unique or has some new concept, idea, process or design, it is always advisable to protect it with a Trademark, Patent or Copyrights. Having this protection will prevent others from copying or using your original work without consent.

However these three registrations are not the same and each applies for a specific type of Intellectual Property. You can see the Below mentioned table to get detailed understanding of each registration

Title Trademark Copyright Patent
Why this Registration Through Trademark Registration an entity can protect the unique name that makes its brand distinct from others. It can include name, slogans, logo, shape, colour etc. Through Copyright Registration a person can protects his/her original artistic works like Novels, music, paintings, software etc. Through Patent Registration an inventor can protect his inventions that are novel, original and has industrial utility.
Applicable Law Trademarks Act, 1999 The Copyright Act, 1957 The Patents Act, 1970
Main Condition for Registrations Name should be unique Work must be original, creative and in tangible form. Design or invention must to be original
Competitive Advantage Secures the branding under which products and services are sold. Others are not allowed to copy without consent of creator Stop others from using without permission
Validity Initial Validity for 10 years. Thereafter renewal can be done every 10 years. Valid for life time of the author + 60 years after his/her death. Validity for 20 years starting from the day the application is first made

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Brand Building

Brand does not only mean the name or logo or symbol of an entity, in fact it represents the Identity of your Business, that is your expertise, reputation and visibility.

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” - Amazon Founder Jeff Bezoz

Brand building will help people recognize your entity and as a result they would feel comfortable to buy your product's or avail your services. A well recognized and accepted brand will give you a competitive advantage and continuous growth.

Having a strong brand name will enhance the valuations of your business

We guide our MSME Partners on various strategies and actions they should take to build a everlasting and trustworthy brand beginning from designing the logo, developing the website, to creating awareness of the brand

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Advertisement and Sales Promotion Activities

Conventional Marketing

Manufacturing the best product or ability to render the best service or being a trader of a unique and high quality product is of no use if you are not able to market them properly and sell to maximum number of customers.

We believe that, Truthful, Accurate, Right Kind of advertisements and promotional activities targeting the ideal customers for your goods or services can make even a small product or service a big hit among the masses.

Our Creative Team will assist you in Marketing your goods or service to your customers through various Advertisement and Sales Promotion Activities like,

  • Developing customized sales promotion strategies for your business on Discounts and Referrals.
  • Advertising assistance such as
    1. Designing attractive and comprehensive posters, banners, brochures
    2. Developing strategies on “where to market and how to market”, in various mediums such as Television, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Billboards, Transit advertising, Tele-Marketing, Local events
    3. Assisting on getting advertising space in these mediums
  • Advising on Participation in Trade Fairs based on your business and target audience

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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a kind of marketing a brand or product on internet through multiple platforms like different website and social medias. Digital Marketing is a powerful tool to grow your business irrespective of your industry or business size. It can help you get more visibility, reach out to a broader audience, and generate more sales.

We help our MSME Partners to use various Digital platforms in a cost effective and efficient manner to market their products by developing Digital Marketing Strategy for their business to find the ideal audience, ideal platform for their goods and services and creating easy to understand and precise digital promotion campaigns

Our Various digital marketing Assistance include

E-mail Marketing
  • Email marketing helps you to reach your products to exact customer groups, you have their contacts from leads generated from earlier purchase or enquiry. It is the most cost effective methods but the drafting and designing of the mail makes all the difference. We assist you in drafting and designing these mails
Search Engine Optimization Marketing
  • SEO is an excellent marketing strategy through which you can make your website’s pages appear in relevant and valuable search results
Social media marketing
  • The most commonly used medium of digital marketing is social media i.e. Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Establishing your business in social media and introducing your product/service there, will help get wider market coverage. We can assist you in creating posts, content, managing your social media handles and developing an interesting discount and referral mechanism, which can make your product go viral.
Influencer marketing
  • Through Influencer marketing you can do a positive publicity of your product through various well known pages or persons on social media platforms or YouTube. This type of marketing help you to reach out to large customer base very quickly. In this we can assist you in connecting with a influencer who believes in your product and whose followers can become your potential customers
E-commerce Assistance
  • The most common way to market and sell your goods is through various E-commerce platforms. In this we assist you to select the right platform and determining the right price for your product based on market research and competition study

Establishing Business online

In this fast moving world if your business is not having presence in online market you cannot sustain. There is no geographical barriers in online market. You will get a wider reach for your products by making business online. Your Customers will get 24*7 access to your products and your business will make money for you even while you are sleeping.

We can assist you in setting up an online business by giving guidance on

Fixing and registering your Domain name
  • A domain name is your website name. It must be registered before you can use it.
Developing your Website
  • Developing a website is a complex procedure and needs expertise. Our team will guide in developing a website that is user friendly, easy to use and compatible for mobile viewing
Putting in place a payment gateway
  • Payment gateway enables payment from anyone, anywhere from all channels and devices. You should integrate payment gateway with your website so that your customers can make payment online. We assist you in integration with the best payment gateway that is safe and secure
Integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • CRM is a medium of communication between you and your customers. All the orders, enquiry and issues if the customers can be accessed easily through CRM
Support team Creation
  • We assist you in creating a team who can handle customer queries and manage the technical aspects of the website

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Government Benefits

The Indian Government has taken multiple initiatives to help MSME’s in promoting their businesses. However only few MSME’s are able to take advantage of these initiatives due to lack of awareness

Our Team will assist you to avail benefit under various government initiatives relating to business promotion which will result in increased sales and profits such as

Availing benefit of Government Schemes for Business Promotion - For More details visit Saarthi Portal

Registration on GeM Portal for Government tendering and procurement - https://gem.gov.in/

Getting Zero Defect & Zero Effect (Zed) Certification. – It is a scheme introduced by the Government of India to enhance global competitiveness of MSMEs by providing them financial support in assessment, rating & handholding of its manufacturing processes on quality and environment aspects.

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Import and Export Assistance

A Dream of every business is to establish its presence all over the world. Due to Globalization, world has become a free marketplace and hence it is very easy for businesses to buy or sell their products and services in any country.

However MSME’s have to face various challenges in case of imports and exports such as complex import and export procedures, language barriers, payment and funding issues. Our Team will assist you to overcome these challenges by providing guidance such as

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